Speech Therapy in spanish

Discover our speech therapist's unique method "Playing with Language", a language therapy method that integrates language development into play. The program supports all children, including neurodivergent ones, through speech therapy in Spanish.

Recognizing the importance of mother tongue in therapy, our approach enhances communication development in a nurturing environment. We offer initial assessments, progress sessions, and early intervention, coupled with parent training and emotional support. Join us for a journey of joyful discovery, where every child's voice is celebrated.

Speech therapist in Dublin

Your Speech Therapist in Dublin

Meet Sara, our dedicated speech therapist in Dublin offering speech therapy, auditory, and language education, focusing on language therapy for children. Her approach is to support parents in addressing their children's language development needs and to offer specialized assistance to children with unique requirements.

Her therapy sessions are characterized by a vibrant and engaging atmosphere where learning is facilitated through play. Sara skillfully uses games, storytelling, and music to foster connections, not only with the children she works with but also with their families.

This playful methodology not only enhances the therapeutic experience but also significantly contributes to the children's language acquisition and development in a joyful and effective manner.


Speech therapy in Spanish

Sara Peralta: Speech Therapist

Studies and certifications:

  • Speech and Language Teacher with Primary Teacher, University of Zaragoza (Spain)
  • Professional Master in Neuro-Psychopedagogy, Fundació Carme Vidal Xifre de Neuropsicopedagogía (Spain)
  • Body and language: Using theatre to teach languages in intercultural contexts, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Spain)
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Positive discipline association. (Ireland)
  • Special Need Assistant certification (Finished with Distinction), Further Education Dundrum College. (Ireland)
  • Course on Teamworking (Finished with Distinction), Samuel Beckett Civic Centre DLR Ballyogan. (Ireland)

Children's language development through play

At VivaBody, Sara, our dedicated Speech Therapist, introduces families to her innovative “Playing with Language” method. This approach is designed to make speech therapy engaging and effective for children, incorporating assessment, therapy, early intervention, and support for parents. Here’s what you can anticipate:

Comprehensive Assessment

Sara’s method begins with a thorough assessment spread across three appointments. This allows her to fully understand the child’s environment, identify specific challenges, and tailor her approach. By evaluating the child in various settings, Sara ensures a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

Progress-Assessed Sessions

Following the initial assessment, Sara offers progress-assessed sessions where she closely monitors the child’s development. These sessions are pivotal in adapting the therapy to the child’s evolving needs, ensuring the most effective strategies are employed for speech and language improvement.

Speech Therapy Through Play

At the heart of Sara’s approach is “Playing with Language”, where speech therapy is integrated into play. This method not only makes sessions enjoyable for children but also facilitates natural language acquisition and speech development, mirroring the way children learn best.

Early Intervention

Recognizing the importance of early intervention, Sara provides targeted strategies to address speech and language challenges as soon as they’re identified. This proactive approach is key to maximizing a child’s communication potential.

Training and Emotional Support for Parents

Understanding that parents are crucial to their child’s speech development, Sara offers training and emotional support sessions. These sessions equip parents with effective communication techniques and emotional coping strategies, fostering a supportive home environment.

With Sara and her “Playing with Language” method, expect a holistic, engaging, and supportive journey towards improving your child’s speech and language skills. Her comprehensive assessment, progress-focused sessions, and commitment to early intervention, combined with her dedication to supporting families, make her an invaluable partner in your child’s development.



Full Assessment Pack

  • Issues Addressed: Evaluates the child's current speech and language capabilities and identifies specific challenges.
  • Benefits: Provides a comprehensive understanding of the child's needs, allowing for tailored therapy strategies.
  • When You Need This: At the beginning of therapy to establish a baseline and personalized treatment plan. Includes:
    1. Visit with the Parents: To understand the child's environment and gather historical information.
    2. Language Screening: To assess the child's current language abilities and identify areas of concern.
    3. Debriefing Session: To discuss findings, set goals, and outline the therapy approach.

Speech Therapy Session

  • Issues Addressed: A wide range of speech disorders including language delays, articulation issues, stuttering, voice disorders, selective mutism, ASD, DS, learning difficulties, dyslexia, and ADHD.
  • Benefits: Improves communication skills, enhances confidence, and supports academic and social success.
  • When You Need This: If your child shows signs of speech or language difficulties, or has been diagnosed with a condition affecting communication.

Progress Assessment Follow-Up

  • Issues Addressed: Monitors progress and adjusts therapy as needed.
  • Benefits: Ensures therapy remains effective and responsive to the child's evolving needs.
  • When You Need This: Regularly scheduled to assess progress and make necessary adjustments to the therapy plan.

Early Intervention

  • Issues Addressed: Early stages of communication challenges in children with special needs, ASD, DS, learning difficulties, and ADHD.
  • Benefits: Maximizes potential for improvement and integration by addressing issues as soon as they are identified.
  • When You Need This: At the first sign of developmental delay or upon diagnosis of a condition affecting speech and language.

Training Sessions for Parents

  • Issues Addressed: Equips parents with strategies to support their child's speech and language development at home.
  • Benefits: Strengthens the child's progress through consistent support and reinforces therapy techniques.
  • When You Need This: To become an active participant in your child's speech development journey.

Emotional Support Sessions

  • Issues Addressed: Provides emotional and psychological support to parents navigating the challenges of their child's speech and language development.
  • Benefits: Offers coping strategies and reduces stress, fostering a positive family environment.
  • When You Need This: When feeling overwhelmed or in need of guidance and support throughout the therapy process.





Full assessment pack

Three visits included:

1. Visit with the parents.
2. Language screening.
3. Debriefing session.

60 min/visit

300 €
3 visits pack

Speech therapy session

Therapy session aimed at treating most common speech disorders:

- Language delay/disorder.
- Difficulty understanding language, receptive language.
- Difficulty using language, expressive language.
- Speech sound difficulties.
- Articulation stammering/Stuttering.
- Voice disorders.
- Selective mutism.
- Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
- Down Syndrome (DS) learning difficulties.
- Dyslexia.

60 min

80 €

Progress assessment follow up

60 min

80 €

Early intervention

- Children with special needs.
- Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

- Down Syndrome (DS)

- Learning difficulties ADHD

60 min

80 €

Training sessions for parents

60 min

80 €

Emotional support sessions

60 min

80 €