Raquel Neva, DO Osteopath

Step into a realm of unparalleled holistic care with Raquel, a cherished member of the VivaBody team renowned for marrying expertise and empathy in her approach. With her rich experience spanning Spain and Ireland, Raquel has established herself as a compassionate and proficient Osteopath, earning a special place in the hearts of our clients.

Journey of Excellence and Compassionate Care

  • Distinguished Background in Spain: Raquel embarked on her vibrant career journey in the picturesque landscapes of Spain, where she honed her expertise at the esteemed University of Seville and the prestigious School of Osteopathy of Madrid. With a strong foundation in physiotherapy and a specialization in osteopathy, she cultivated a rich repertoire of skills, mastering the art of addressing various physical ailments at their root.
  • Deep Dive into Osteopathy: Raquel's decision to pursue osteopathy marked a turning point in her career. Embracing a more holistic vision of health, she dedicated herself to alleviating pain and fostering well-being by targeting the underlying causes of discomfort.
  • Vast Clinical Experience: Over the years, Raquel has become a beacon of excellence, gathering a rich tapestry of experiences in various private clinics and hospitals in Spain. Her hands have brought solace and healing to countless individuals, addressing a plethora of issues from road accident injuries to offering rehabilitative services in diverse medical departments.
  • Community Engagement and Volunteering Spirit: Beyond her clinical pursuits, Raquel has engaged passionately with the community, volunteering with organizations dedicated to Fibromyalgia and extending her expertise to those in need.

Acclaimed Presence at VivaBody

  • A Cherished Member of Our Team: Since joining the VivaBody family, Raquel has become a cornerstone of our practice. Her approach, which combines scientific expertise with a warm, personal touch, has garnered numerous positive reviews. She is celebrated for achieving remarkable results, a testament to her skill and dedication.
  • Compassionate Care Like No Other: Raquel stands out for her compassionate style, a rare find in the Irish healthcare landscape. She takes the time to truly listen to her patients, offering careful explanations and guidance throughout their journey to wellness. This commitment to patient care not only fosters trust but also ensures a deeper level of healing and satisfaction.


DO in Osteopathy. School of Osteopathy of Madrid, Seville 2021.

MSc in Osteopathic Techniques for the Musculoskeletal System. School of Osteopathy of Madrid, Cadiz 2017.

BSc in Physiotherapy. University of Seville, 2015

Courses and Specialisations

Physiotherapy Course on Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Traumatic Knee Injuires. Andalusian Physiotherapy Council, Malaga 2021.

Course on Clinical Reasoning. Andalusian Physiotherapy Council, Cadiz 2018.

Course on Evidence-Based Myofascial Dry Needling. Mediterranean Institute of Learning and Health, Jerez de La Frontera 2015.

Attendance to the third International Congress of Physiotherapy and Pain. Andalusian Physiotherapy Council and the Spanish Society of Physiotherapy and Pain, Seville 2014.