Looking forward to join pilates classes in Dublin city center? Then you are lucky! At Viva Body we got you covered. We offer in-class pilates sessions in small groups of no more than 4 people.


Pilates is a method that includes physical exercises and stretching that use the weight of the body.

It is a technique that re-educates movements to improve physical and mental balance. By using continuous and smooth movements, Pilates strengthens and stabilizes the muscles mainly in the abdomen, spine and pelvis, improving posture and muscular tone.

pilates group classes 1

These exercises are performed with the body lying on the floor (PILATES MAT). In Pilates, movements are performed slowly and concentrated to generate greater balance and enhance work on various muscle groups.They are recommended for the prevention and treatment of spinal problems.

How to join a Pilates Group?

  1. Check the Timetable below
  2. Choose the group that better fits your agenda.
  3. Send me an email to info@vivabody.ie with your group choice and contact details (Full name, address, phone and email). If you are an existing Viva Body customer, I will only need your email.
  4. If the group you selected has any spot available, I'll send you back a confirmation email and a secure payment link (via Stripe payments link). The classes are paid with the start of the month.


Group 1: Mondays 18:15 - 19:15

Group 2: Wednesdays 11:00 - 12:00


20 € / class

Meet Isabel, our Pilates instructor

Body posture and balance are natural to Isabel. She has been in contact with the world of dance and artistic gymnastics since she was 6 years old. This passion of hers for movement and control of the body led her to train for Pilates Method more than 20 years ago. There since, she has been professionally teaching this body control and fitness discipline with fantastic results.

During the classes, she will guide you by adapting the movements to your level and making sure you gain control over your body posture and movements progressively. Doing so, you will avoid getting injured and will get better and faster results. Oh, and not to forget that she is a fluent spanish and english speaker, so you will never miss her instructions! 🙂

Pilates instructor Isabel