Perinatal Mental Health

At Vivabody, perinatal mental health is at the heart of our mission, providing specialized support to women, their infants, and their support networks through pregnancy and the critical first year post-birth. Our skilled mental health professionals are committed to helping you stay as healthy as possible during this transformative period. If you are planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant, or have recently welcomed a new baby, our expert services are designed to meet your unique mental health needs.

We understand the complexities of navigating maternity mental health, offering a nurturing space for birth preparation, recovery after childbirth, and addressing breastfeeding concerns. Our approach also includes vital support for strengthening relationships, coping with the loss of a baby, and dealing with the emotional aspects of a child's health issues.

Our goal is to prevent postpartum depression and anxiety, focusing on the well-being of parents as they embark on their parenting journey. With a commitment to providing tailored mental health support, we aim to ensure a supportive and joyful transition into motherhood for every family. Welcome to a supportive community where your mental resilience and relationship harmony are our top priorities.

Perinatal Mental Health

Your perinatal mental health specialist in Dublin

Meet Veronica, our dedicated perinatal mental health specialist in Dublin offering postpartum support, parenting and bonding, and tailored mental health support for the whole family. If you are planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant, or have recently welcomed a new baby, we can help you meet your unique mental health needs.

With a rich educational background in psychology and specializations in mental health for child and family, Veronica brings a deep understanding of family dynamics to her work. Veronica combines her professional knowledge with personal insight as a mother to offer personalized therapeutic solutions. She creates a nurturing environment for families, focusing on the needs of mothers, infants, and fathers alike. Her practice is dedicated not only to creating a secure environment for mothers and their infants but also to establishing a supportive space where fathers can openly express and explore their emotions regarding fatherhood.


Perinatal mental health specialist

Veronica Martinez: Perinatal mental health specialist

Studies and certifications:

  • B.A. (Hons) in PsychologyDegree, Speciality in Clinical and Health Psychology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (Spain)
  • M.A in Child, Family and Community Services. Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
  • B.A in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. Institute of Integrative Counselling and psychotherapy (IICP)
  • M.A in trauma and attachment,(Currently) Instituto Avanza (Spain).

The mental health support for childbirth you need

Discover the essential role of a breastfeeding lactation consultant in Dublin and how they can transform your nursing experience into a rewarding journey.

At VivaBody, Ver贸nica, our specialist in perinatal psychology, is dedicated to the emotional and psychological well-being of expecting parents, new mothers, and families. With services available online and at your home, she creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to open up and receive support.

Emotional Well-being During Pregnancy

Ver贸nica supports you through the emotional highs and lows of pregnancy, offering strategies to manage anxiety, stress, and any emotional challenges that arise, ensuring you feel understood and supported.

Postpartum Support

The postpartum period brings its own set of emotional challenges. Ver贸nica provides a compassionate and understanding approach to addressing postpartum depression, anxiety, and the adjustment to motherhood, promoting a healthy psychological transition.

Parenting and Bonding

Focusing on enhancing the parent-child bond, Ver贸nica guides you in developing effective parenting strategies that foster a nurturing environment, crucial for your child鈥檚 emotional development and well-being.

Tailored Support for the Whole Family

Ver贸nica extends her support to all family members, recognizing the importance of a cohesive family dynamic. Her tailored approach ensures that partners and siblings also receive the guidance and support needed during this period of adjustment.

Flexible and Accessible Sessions

Understanding the importance of accessibility, Ver贸nica offers her expertise both online and through home visits. This flexibility ensures that you can access support in the most comfortable and convenient setting for you, making it easier to open up and tackle sensitive topics.

With Ver贸nica, expect a journey of understanding, empathy, and personalized care, designed to navigate the complexities of the perinatal period and foster a healthy, happy family life.



Antenatal Care:

Fertility psychological session

  • Issues Addressed: Challenges and emotional stress associated with trying to conceive.
  • Benefits: Provides coping strategies, emotional support, and resilience-building techniques.
  • When You Need This: If you're experiencing stress or emotional difficulties related to fertility or conception.

Miscarriage psychological session

  • Issues Addressed: Emotional pain and trauma following a miscarriage.
  • Benefits: Offers a compassionate space to grieve, heal, and find ways to move forward.
  • When You Need This: After experiencing a miscarriage and needing emotional support and understanding.

Anxiety & depression before and during pregnancy

  • Issues Addressed: Anxiety and depression that can occur before conception or during pregnancy.
  • Benefits: Helps manage symptoms, improve mood, and supports a healthier pregnancy journey.
  • When You Need This: If feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed while planning for or during pregnancy.

Mental health preparation for birth

  • Issues Addressed: Anxiety, fear, and stress related to childbirth.
  • Benefits: Builds confidence, reduces fear of childbirth, and prepares mentally for birth.
  • When You Need This: In the months leading up to childbirth to ensure a mentally prepared birthing experience.

Pregnancy after loss psychological session

  • Issues Addressed: Complex emotions and fears after losing a pregnancy and becoming pregnant again.
  • Benefits: Supports emotional healing and fosters resilience for the journey ahead.
  • When You Need This: When pregnant after experiencing a previous pregnancy loss.

Mental Health general consultation

Mental health counselling session for parents

  • Issues Addressed: Broad range of emotional and psychological challenges faced by parents.
  • Benefits: Offers general support, stress management strategies, and promotes overall mental well-being.
  • When You Need This: At any point in the parenting journey when needing support, guidance, or a space to talk





Consultation session at Vivabody

50 min

70 €

Home-visit consultation

60 min

Price depending on location (Dublin, Meath, Louth).