Paula Reyes, Chartered Physiotherapist

We're excited to introduce you to Paula, a vital member of our VivaBody family and a seasoned physiotherapist who blends stellar expertise with genuine care, ensuring your journey to wellness is in the safest hands. Discover the rich tapestry of expertise, dedication, and compassionate care woven by Paula, a pillar in the healthcare community, right here at VivaBody. Traversing a fulfilling journey that spans both Spain and Ireland, this CORU registered professional showcases a wonderful amalgamation of in-depth knowledge, practical skill, and a heart attuned to the needs of every patient.

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Professional Journey & Achievements

  • Rich Spanish Heritage: In the vibrant landscapes of Spain, Paula laid the foundational stones of a promising career in physiotherapy, initiating a thriving private practice. This journey marked the onset of a commitment to offering outstanding homecare and outpatient services, with a specialized focus on musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation post-accident. This Spanish chapter was characterized by a deep-seated passion to restore health and vitality to numerous lives, one patient at a time.
  • Community Involvement and Volunteer Contributions: Beyond the clinic, a strong spirit of community involvement was fostered. Taking a fervent role as a volunteer physiotherapist at renowned running events across the Canary Islands, our specialist actively contributed to nurturing a vibrant and healthy community, thereby amplifying their impact beyond the clinic walls.
  • Irish Healthcare Excellence: A new chapter unfolded with a move to the beautiful terrains of Ireland. Here, for over 7 fruitful years, there has been continuous growth and learning within the Irish healthcare system. This period marked the accumulation of a wealth of knowledge and experience in various critical sectors including post-surgical, orthopaedics, and cardiorespiratory wards, not forgetting the enriching journey into the nuances of women’s and men’s health.
  • Continuous Learning: Demonstrating an ever-evolving passion for learning, Paula is now steering towards a specialization in pelvic floor physiotherapy. This endeavor is a pledge to broaden the horizons of care and expertise, ensuring the provision of comprehensive and up-to-date healthcare solutions to our patrons.


 BSc in Physiotherapy: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.