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Carol Gordo. PhD in Osteopathy. BsC in Physiotherapy.

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I am an independent Osteopath professional providing Osteopathic treatments and manual therapies in Dublin since 2017.

Graduated in both BsC in Physiotherapy and PhD in Osteopathy, I worked for more than 10 years as a Physiotherapist in Spain before moving to Ireland. I specialized in all type of physical conditions, pain, injuries rehabilitation, and women's health. Thanks to my blended background, I am able to apply a wide range of therapies when addressing my patients problems.

This new holistic vision has helped me to be able to find the real cause of the patient's problem, treating issues from its source, and not only focusing on the symptoms.

What can you expect?

The most important thing that I would like you to understand is that full recovery is a shared responsibility.

As a therapist, I will help unblock what is preventing you from recovering. And that's half the way to recover. Next is you, with my guidance and support, who will have to work to change what is getting you sick or in pain. If you follow my guidelines I can guarantee you will be surprised by the results.

Health is the main goal. I'm different because for me, alike other clinics or professionals you may have visited, treating you is not just a business transaction. I will apply and recommend the right therapies to solve your issue no matter what service you paid for. And If I can't help you, I will get your money back.

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