Nutritional Coach

Benefit from tailored nutritional and dietetic support at Vivabody, from pre-conception through to paediatric nutrition.

Our expert nutritionist coach will guide you from enhancing fertility with optimal pre-conception nutrition, through personalised pregnancy diets, to nurturing postpartum recovery and breastfeeding success. Embrace the journey into solid foods with Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) advice and continue with specialised paediatric nutrition for your growing child. Start your family's path to lifelong health with our comprehensive, stage-by-stage nutritional care.

Nutritional coach Dublin

Your Nutritional Coach in Dublin

Meet Yaiza, our expert pregnancy and infant dietitian based in Dublin, at VivaBody. Specializing in nutritional guidance for those planning a pregnancy, navigating pregnancy dietary needs, and postpartum women working to regain their fitness, Yaiza offers comprehensive support across all motherhood stages.

Becoming a mother to Emma two years ago transformed her career path, deepening her focus on infant nutrition, and getting specialised the Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) method. This personal journey into motherhood complements her professional experience, allowing her to provide invaluable, empathetic support and personalized nutritional strategies.

Dedicated to enhancing wellness through empathetic, face-to-face consultations, Yaiza is celebrated for her deep understanding and tailored advice, guiding clients toward holistic health and wellness with a caring, informed approach.


Nutritional coach and dietist in Dublin Yaiza Garcia

Yaiza Garcia: Nutritional Coach

Studies and certifications:

  • Child Development. Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes (Spain)
  • BLW Assessment course. Lactualizate, Carmen Vega (Spain)
  • BLW Course. Juan Llorca and Melisa Gómez (Spain)
  • Nutritional Coaching, Divulgación Dinámica (Spain)
  • Nutrition, C.E. Arangoya (Spain)

Nutritional advice for pregnancy and for your toddler

At VivaBody, our expert nutritional coach, offers personalized support to women at various stages of motherhood, children embarking on their solid food journey, and anyone aiming to improve their dietary habits. From pre-pregnancy nutrition planning to Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) and beyond, Yaiza is here to guide you. Here’s what to expect:

Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Nutrition

Yaiza provides tailored advice for optimizing health before conception and maintaining a balanced diet throughout pregnancy, addressing the unique nutritional needs to support you and your baby.

Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) and Child Nutrition

Specializing in BLW, Yaiza helps parents introduce solid foods in a manner that encourages independent eating and establishes healthy eating habits early on. She also crafts nutritional plans for children of all ages to promote a balanced diet.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Yaiza assists women seeking to gain, lose weight, or improve their eating habits with personalized meal planning and nutritional guidance, focusing on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weekly and Monthly Menus

To simplify your nutritional journey, Yaiza provides meticulously crafted weekly and monthly menus. These plans are designed to take the guesswork out of meal prep, ensuring you have a diverse, balanced, and enjoyable diet that aligns with your health goals.

Educational and Empowering Approach

Yaiza’s services extend beyond meal planning; she aims to educate and empower you to make informed nutritional decisions, understanding the profound impact of diet on health and well-being, and establishing sustainable habits.

With Yaiza’s expert guidance, expect a journey of nutritional discovery and support, tailored to make healthy eating straightforward and enjoyable for you and your family.



Nutritional Counseling for Conception + Personalized Plan for 1 Month

  • Issues Addressed: Prepares your body for pregnancy, focusing on fertility-enhancing nutrition.
  • Benefits: Optimizes your health for conception with a customized nutritional plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • When You Need This: If you're planning to conceive and want to ensure your body is in the best possible state for pregnancy.

Nutritional Counseling for Conception

  • Issues Addressed: Offers expert advice on fertility nutrition and resolves any related queries.
  • Benefits: Provides clarity and confidence in your dietary choices to support conception.
  • When You Need This: When seeking guidance on the best nutritional practices for enhancing fertility.

Nutritional Counseling during Pregnancy + Personalized Plan for 1 Month

  • Issues Addressed: Supports the nutritional needs of both mother and developing baby during pregnancy.
  • Benefits: Delivers a one-month personalized nutrition plan, ensuring you and your baby receive all necessary nutrients.
  • When You Need This: As soon as you're pregnant, to adapt your diet to the changing needs of your body and growing baby.

Nutritional Counseling during Pregnancy

  • Issues Addressed: Provides dietary guidance tailored to pregnancy and answers any nutritional questions.
  • Benefits: Ensures you're informed about the right foods and supplements to support a healthy pregnancy.
  • When You Need This: Throughout pregnancy, whenever you need expert advice on maintaining a balanced diet.


  • Issues Addressed: Continuous support for maintaining a balanced diet, with an additional focus on resolving any new questions.
  • Benefits: Offers a two-week plan for ongoing guidance and adjustments to your nutritional needs.
  • When You Need This: For sustained dietary management and to address any new dietary concerns or questions as they arise.


Nutritional Counseling for Breastfeeding

  • Issues Addressed: Provides essential dietary guidance to support lactation and addresses common concerns related to breastfeeding nutrition.
  • Benefits: Enhances milk quality and supply through tailored nutrition, offering a two-week plan to kickstart your journey, along with resolving any doubts you may have.
  • When You Need This: If you're breastfeeding and seeking to optimize your nutrition for your health and your baby's well-being, ensuring you both receive the necessary nutrients for growth and recovery.

Women's health nutrition advice:

Weight Loss Counseling

  • Issues Addressed: Tailored advice for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • Benefits: Offers a two-week plan focusing on balanced nutrition to kickstart your weight loss journey, alongside guidance to overcome common challenges.
  • When You Need This: If you're looking to lose weight healthily and sustainably, needing clear guidelines and support to achieve your goals.

Weight Gain Counseling

  • Issues Addressed: Provides strategies for healthy weight gain and nutritional improvement.
  • Benefits: Delivers a two-week nutrition plan designed to help you gain weight in a healthy manner, accompanied by general guidelines to ensure nutritional balance and effectiveness.
  • When You Need This: For individuals aiming to gain weight healthily, seeking expert advice and a structured plan to follow.

Nutritional Counseling for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Issues Addressed: Customized dietary strategies to manage PCOS symptoms.
  • Benefits: Includes a two-week plan with specific nutritional guidelines to help mitigate PCOS symptoms, improve hormonal balance, and support overall health.
  • When You Need This: If you're dealing with PCOS and need dietary guidance to manage symptoms and improve your health outcomes.


  • Issues Addressed: Ongoing support for dietary management and addressing any new or unresolved questions.
  • Benefits: Provides continued guidance and adjustments to your nutritional plan, ensuring it meets your evolving needs and resolving any doubts that arise.
  • When You Need This: Ideal for maintaining momentum and adjusting your dietary plan as needed, ensuring you have the support and information to stay on track.


Counseling on Starting Complementary Feeding and Baby-Led Weaning

  • Issues Addressed: Guidance on introducing solid foods and implementing the Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) method.
  • Benefits: Provides clarity and confidence with a one-week plan, outlining how to start, what foods to introduce, and safety tips, alongside resolving any doubts.
  • When You Need This: As your baby approaches the age for starting solids (around 6 months) and you're considering or planning to use the BLW method or other complementary feeding approaches.

Child Nutrition Counseling

  • Issues Addressed: Tailored advice for ensuring a balanced diet and addressing nutritional concerns during childhood.
  • Benefits: Offers a one-week nutrition plan along with general guidelines to help manage or improve your child’s eating habits, ensuring they receive all essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.
  • When You Need This: If you're seeking to optimize your child's nutrition, whether due to specific dietary needs, picky eating habits, or ensuring a balanced diet for healthy development.





Nutritional Counseling + Personalised plan

60 min

120 €

Follow up + Plan

30 min

80 €

Nutritional Counseling.
General guidelines and doubts resolution.

30 min

50 €