Womens health therapy treatments

Pregnancy and childbirth are experiences your body is completely prepared for, and Gestational Osteopathy has multiple benefits, including preventing and treating all the discomforts produced by these natural changes, and maintaining or recovering your well-being not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. A complete assessment after your baby arrives is essential in order to help you recover from delivery.

We provide multiple services aimed at improving moms' health after childbirth. Treatments are aimed at gently easing sore and tired muscles and rebalancing your core, helping ease the back pain breastfeeding and lifting your baby.

  • Post-natal check.

  • Lactation consultation

  • Pelvic floor treatment.

  • Maternity aimed pilates and yoga

  • Hypopressives individual sessions.

 We will work with you to reduce the diastasis, c-section pain or any other post-delivery injury you could suffer. Pelvic floor exercises and therapy will also help recover your pelvis to its previous to pregnancy state. A lactation consultation will and also helps to ease back pain from breast feeding and lifting your baby.

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Paediatric treatments

Paediatric osteopathy is an effective and painless way of helping your baby recover from any illness or injury which might had led to developmental delays or disability. We are specialized in paediatric care, offering all the services you need to improve your child's health:

  • Child's assessment.

  • Lactation consultation.

  • Paediatric therapy

Common issues on newborns and babies

During the birth your baby's head is subjected to great biomechanical stresses, and that commonly lead to a number of issues such as cranial deformities or plagiocephaly, and OBP injury. We will make an assessment of your baby's musculoskeletal system (posture, strength, flexibility) and identify needs or reassure parents about the variability in normal musculoskeletal development.

Feeding problems can also cause infant colics and, as adults do, babies also can have mucus and respiratory infections (bronchiolitis). Osteopathy can also help with such problems.

What to expect from the therapy

Paediatric techniques are very gentle, safe and effective.  A very light pressure is applied very specifically to focus areas to help the body of your baby release stresses and tensions. We have a long happy children and parents track-record so you can rest assure your baby will be in the best hands.