Carol Gordo, DO Osteopath

The Heart and Soul behind Vivabody

Hello, I’m Carol – the passionate founder of VivaBody, your haven of holistic health and well-being nestled in the vibrant heart of Dublin.

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My Journey & Experience

In my initial years as a physiotherapist in Spain, I had the privilege to immerse myself in the transformative world of healthcare, blossoming over five enriching years. My passion particularly ignited in the fields of women's health and pediatric care, fostering a deep connection and understanding with my patients.

  • Seasoned Physiotherapist in Spain: Spent over five years as a dedicated Physiotherapist, nurturing patients from various walks of life and tackling a myriad of health concerns.
  • A Revelation through Osteopathy: The discovery of Osteopathy marked a pivotal turn in my career, revolutionizing my approach to healthcare. It equipped me with the means to perceive and treat the body as a unified whole, focusing on the intricate relationship between the spine, joints, and muscles. Through this discipline, I've been able to craft more comprehensive treatment plans, enhancing the well-being and vitality of my patients.
  • Special Focus on Women's Health: Developed a keen interest in women's health and paediatrics, paving the way for a specialized and rewarding career path.
  • Certified Pilates Instructor: Back in 2013, I added another feather to my cap by becoming a certified Pilates instructor. This expertise has enabled me to weave in elements of Pilates into personalized wellness routines, helping clients find a beautiful synergy between strength and flexibility.
  • Sports Physiotherapist in Madrid: My journey took an exciting turn when I became the official physiotherapist for a leading university rugby team in Madrid. This role not only sharpened my skills but instilled a deeper appreciation for the world of sports wellness.
  • Collaborating with Irish Sports Teams: Since relocating to Ireland, I've had the joy of working closely with various sports teams. From supporting the fierce females in Irish hockey teams to aiding the incredible athletes in heavy lifting circles who have even clinched international awards, my experience has been nothing short of diverse and enriching.
  • Supporting the Arts: Dance and ballet groups have frequently turned to my expertise for assistance. It's been an honour to contribute to the world of performing arts, ensuring the artists move gracefully and pain-free, ready to enchant their audiences with their performances
  • Continuous Learning & Skill Enhancement: Engaged in a series of specialized courses, including urogynecological physiotherapy, myofascial techniques, and Pilates training, fostering a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

The Birth of VivaBody: A Dream Brought to Life

The inception of VivaBody was a pivotal moment, a realization of a dream to create a sanctuary where individuals could experience healthcare like never before:

  • Holistic Healthcare Approach: Discovered the beautiful realm of Osteopathy, adopting a practice that views health from a multifaceted perspective, encompassing physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions.
  • Philosophy of Empowerment: VivaBody embodies a philosophy that transcends conventional treatment. Here, health is perceived as a harmonious journey, nurturing individuals to foster positive daily routines and proactive disease prevention strategies.
  • Community of Compassion & Excellence: Strives to create a vibrant community where the journey to optimal health is paved with understanding, expertise, and heartfelt smiles.

VivaBody Values: The Canvas of Our Ethos

At VivaBody, we believe in blending science with love and compassion to create a truly nurturing environment. Our values are not just principles but the very essence that defines our approach to healthcare:

  • Personal Touch: Every individual is greeted with warmth and respect, cared for with utmost compassion.
  • Collaborative Healing: Encouraging patients to take an active role in their healing process, fostering a deep connection and partnership in their journey to wellness.
  • Commitment to Excellence: A steadfast commitment to enhancing well-being, nurturing vibrant lives through a fusion of love, science, and excellence.

In conclusion, I feel incredibly fortunate to work in a field that I am deeply passionate about. Osteopathy and Physiotherapy are at the very heart of my life's work, and every time a patient walks through my door, I'm given the chance to enhance their well-being. Is there anything more rewarding than that? Join me at VivaBody, as we walk hand in hand on a simple, vibrant journey towards genuine wellness and fulfilling health!


DO in Osteopathy. School of Osteopathy of Madrid, Madrid 2022.

MSc in Osteopathic Techniques for the Musculoskeletal System. School of Osteopathy of Madrid, Madrid 2018.

BSc in Physiotherapy. University of Rey Juan Carlos and Europea de Madrid, 2012.

Courses and Specialisations

Course of Myofascial Technique, Madrid 2017.

Expertise course in Urogynecological physiotherapy and Women's Health: Pelvic floor, pregnancy, and postpartum. Universidad Europea. Madrid 2015.

Manual Lymphatic Dreinage (Vodder and Leduc methods) Universidad Europea, Madrid 2015.

Hypopressive Method, Madrid 2015.

Course on Evidence-Based Myofascial Dry Needling. Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid 2014.

Pilates Instructor, Madrid 2013.

Care in Neurological Paediatrics, Paediatric Hospital Niño Jesús, Madrid 2009.

Summer Course of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Rehabilitation techniques in amputees.