VivaBody Health Studio. Osteopaths in Dublin

VivaBody is the result of a project that I, Carol Gordo, started in 2018 to help people in Ireland promote their health and effectively improve their wellbeing.

Our Story

I first started providing treatments under the brand of Carol Physio at a health clinic in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. After 2 years, I decided to move my business as an independent practitioner to the lovely Georgian area of Fitzwilliam Street, just a stroll away from the beautiful parks Merrion and Stephen Green and the always lively and busy Grafton Street.

Then, in 2022 a new brand was born: VivaBody Health Studio. This was not just a cosmetic change, but the realisation of the broader and more ambitious scope that our business had to offer. No longer a single practitioner running alone, VivaBody is a big happy family of resident therapists, collaborators and an active community of diverse people supporting each other and creating a safe space you can trust.

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Our unique approach

Our team being Doctor Osteopaths we aim to improve people’s overall health and wellness by treating the whole person, not just a condition or disease they may have. Osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive manual therapy that is used alongside conventional treatment to improve health. Osteopaths are also qualified as doctors (D.O’s), and they have more training than other complementary therapists. You can rest assured you will always be in the best hands, treated by professionals whose skills have been largely developed by regulated academic studies and proven clinical experience.

We are different. VivaBody unique principles

Our patients’ health comes first.

We will always advise what is best for you and apply the treatment more adequate to your issue, or not treat you at all if we consider it is not indicated.

We listen, and we explain.

Yes, before even touching you we first try to understand your context, your story, and how you feel. Then, we do a thorough physical examination. We always base our treatments on evidence, and we will explain everything as we go. We want you to fully understand what is causing your issues before you exit the door, why we applied a particular treatment, and how that could help your recovery.

Our treatments are fully manual.

If you have received other related treatments like Physiotherapy in Ireland before, in most cases they rely heavily on exercises you must do yourself at home. While this is definitely helpful, we are not that way.

The Osteopathic approach means that we will actively work “HANDS-ON” with you, so that every treatment is unique and adapted to each patient.

We follow up.

Nobody will ever recover just by having a therapy session. That is not how your body works. We know that for you to achieve your health goals, an active involvement from your side is necessary. We will educate you on how to achieve that and provide you with the tools and exercises to reach an enduring effect in your health.

We are human.

Maybe it is our Mediterranean character, but you will find that we are more flexible than most of the clinics and consultants you have visited before. That’s because we understand we are all humans, and beyond all the business driven rules, we are dealing with people with their own and unique problems. At VivaBody we just want to lend you a helping hand you can trust.

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